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This blog is primarily used to showcase some of the community work we do in and around Nha Trang. Thanks to our staff and customers who help make this happen. We will also from time to time, post some of the great street food available in Nha Trang as well as a few off the tourist map places to go.

Nha Trang is famous for its street food, from Pho to Seafood. It is fresh, tasty and traditional. Listed here are a few places we have eaten at for many years, along with listings of new ones as we find them. Most food will be served to you with a variety of sauces. Here is just a few, green sauce which is chili (reasonably hot), red sauce which is chili (mild), salt and pepper ground together with a slice of lemon (you squeeze the lemon into the salt and pepper and stir), mayonnaise, sometimes a mild chili sauce that is orange-red. Vietnamese are lovers of chili and lemon.

Mi Hoang Thanh

Close to Cho Dam markets there is a lady who has been cooking Mi Hoang Thanh, Banh Bao, Vit Tim and Pho for over ten years. It is a family run business. This business offers a few options, unlike most street food places that normally only specialize in one dish. Their address is 02 Hai Bo Trung Street. They are open all day until late at night. I have been there at 11pm for a late dinner and they have still been serving meals.My husband and I are frequent diners at this place. The food is always tasty and filling.

One of the accompaniments they have here is pickled garlic and chili which is stored together in a dish, they pack a powerful punch. One piece of garlic in your soup certainly flavors the soup.

Mi Hoang Thanh (pronounced Me Wan Ton) is a noodle soup with slices of pork and minced pork inside several wanton wrappers. This is a very tasty meal that you can add lime juice, soy sauce, chili, shredded lettuce leaf and shredded mint leaves to. You can have the soup on the side (Mi Kho) (pronounced Me Cor) 35 000VND per dish. This is my favorite

Vit Tim (say like it is spelled) is the same noodle soup but instead of having pork meat and wontons with pork inside you get a Maryland cut of duck that has been cooked until falling off the bone in a broth flavored with spices and dried apples, a very large meal and fabulously tasty. As usual you can add whatever you want to your soup. This is priced at 50 000VND per dish. I have included a picture of the stock with the duck Maryland pieces cooking. beside this picture is the chili sauce bubbling away.

They do Pho here as well with flat rice noodle(not thin vermicelli noodle you get most other places) as well as Banh Bao.

Banh Bao is a steamed bread like dough with the inside full of pork mince, quail egg and pork meat with chinese sausage. This is very filling and very tasty. I do like to add soy to it. For 20 000VND this is an excellent cheap meal as it is very hard to eat more than one even if you are very hungry. There is a 15 000 VND option and this doesn't have the chinese in it (however I think this is a very tasty addition).

This is a very fast and filling lunch or a late night snack.


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Banh Mi

Banh Mi Thit (meat) or Chay (vegetarian)

This is a warm and crunchy baguette that is filled with many different combinations. It could be several kinds of Vietnamese pork ham, liver paste (pâté gan), veggies (cucumber, coriander, green onion, chili...) and sour things (đồ chua) which are made from pickled shreds of carrot and white radish. There are many vendors selling these and you can get them made to your taste.

The vendors are everywhere. Some are only open for breakfast, some lunch and some dinner and late night.

These are eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. They are very cheap and filling. Expect to pay around 10 000 - 20 000VND each.

A favorite for breakfast is Banh Mi opla (fried egg in a bread roll), sensational! 

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Nem Nuong

Nem Nuong- Wrap the rice paper around a selection of salad and herbs and a piece of deep fried rice paper with a piece of the pork. Dip this in the sauce (yes it is orange, made from ground glutinous rice, carrots, tomato and pineapple) which you may add extra chili to (the chili on the table is not strong) then eat.

This is mainly eaten for lunch or dinner. Approx 35 000 - 40 000 VND per person for food.(I think it's just gone up).

There are many Nem Nuong Restaurants around Nha Trang. The one we go to is in Hoang Van Thu near Le Loi Street. There are three Nem restaurants all around each other. The evening they do a roaring trade with take away. Sometimes its a little hard to get down the street.

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Bei To

You can order small amounts of lots of different types of food and then cook them on a tile over coals.

Excellent way of tasting many different things. Some dishes can be marinated in chili and are very hot. Try the mushrooms wrapped in beef, muc (squid) is excellent as is prawns. Price varies according to what you order.

We eat this in 2/4 Street at Kuken Nuong Ngoi 79, Near Hon Chong Street.

This is a great place to go with a group of friends.

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BBQ Duck

Yes I know BBQ Duck is available in most countries however this would be one of the best places to eat duck that I have been to and I have eaten it in many countries. This is street food at its finest. BBQ’ed in the street. The duck is cooked on a rotisserie over coals and basted in a special sauce every so often. The bulk of the fat is rendered out this way so it isn't as fatty as a lot of other duck places are. There is steamed duck available but it is the BBQ Duck that all the locals come for.

We have been very regular customers of this establishment and is one of our favorite places to go. If I am feeling a little off the Chao is what I have. To me it is the same as chicken soup with that amazing warm nourishing feeling. Address is 29 Phan Chu Trinh with the name of “Dung Linh”. Opens around 4- 5 pm and goes till late.


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