Lomi Lomi Massage Workshop

Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a restorative Hawaiian massage that works gently, yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes. This allows the person to relax due to the hypnotic effect, bringing your mind to a place of absolute stillness.

Touch rhythm and ancient wisdom come together to allow healing to occur.

This is a method and system of massage which has its roots in a tradition which is hundreds of years old.

“Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi” combines almost endless technique, with “the laying on of hands”, both in passive mode and active massage of Lomi Lomi. Always with the open hand, rhythm is paramount, the strokes are continuous, rhythmic, and ultimately hypnotic, which acts to bring the mind to a place of absolute stillness. This “sanctuary” of the quiet mind is where true healing manifests.


What is the investment for the Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi workshop?

One Person - 3 Days
14,000,000 VND if you provide a person to be the massage model.
16,000,000 VND if we provide a person to be the massage model.

Two People - 4 Days
10,000,000 VND per person if you provide a person/s to be the massage model.
12,000,000 VND per person if we provide a person/s to be the massage model.

Bookings Essential.


Massage Workshops for couples


The couples massage training will teach you to give each other a nurturing massage in a hands on workshop. Learn the techniques of basic Remedial and Swedish massage so you can relax tired and sore muscles relieving stress and tension, giving relief from headaches and neck and back aches. You will be taught the skills to apply for both a simple (but not basic) remedial massage and also a relaxation massage. You will be able to adapt these skills to use on your family and friends.

The couples massage course is suitable for friends to learn together as well as couples. Nurturing one another is a great way to build caring relationships. You will only be working on each other during the course. The training alternates between each partner as massage techniques are demonstrated then practiced on one another. Both partners learn the massage techniques.

You will also learn the benefit of using essential oil blends to promote relaxation and togetherness, adding another dimension to your massage techniques.

All workshops are run by Steve, the owner of Pure Vietnam Beauty & Spa. Steve has over 15 years experience in Remedial massage in Australia and 6 years in Vietnam.

What is included in the Massage for Couples workshop?
This workshop provides a workshop for couples who wish to learn basic massage skills together, providing relaxation, headache/pain relief and a special closeness to each other.

Topics covered include:

The relaxing health benefits of massage

Positioning and draping techniques

Application of strokes and techniques used in massage

How to use Aromatherapy oils to enhance your massage even further

How to perform a full body massage on each other

Workshop Duration:
1 Day workshop with 1 couple (two people, friends, family partner, etc)
2 Day workshop with 2 couples (two couples - friends, family partner, etc)

What is the investment for the Massage for Couples workshop?
4,000,000 VND  per couple.

Bookings Essential.