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This blog is primarily used to showcase some of the community work we do in and around Nha Trang. Thanks to our staff and customers who help make this happen. We will also from time to time, post some of the great street food available in Nha Trang as well as a few off the tourist map places to go.

Going for a ride to Ninh Van

A friend of ours had invited us to visit her home town of Ninh Van. This is a ninety minute motorbike ride from Nha Trang up Highway one. You turn in to Vinashin and then go down the coast road.

The view as you go over the mountains to Ninh Van is spectacular.

View of Ninh Van View of Ninh Van

Gates into the city of Ninh Van

The streets are wide and clean. There is a naturally sheltered bay here. The main economy for the town is shallots and fishing.

clean wide streets Safe Harbor

preparing the fishing nets New nets

We went to our friends parents place for lunch. One of the girls climbed a coconut tree to get fresh coconuts for us to drink. We had the best chicken and rice. Her parents grow so many different vegetables. We sat around an old coconut tree that had been cut down and we used it as a table. It was great.

sitting around drinking coconut Cooking Hut

Home sweet home

After lunch we went to a local bay where the water was crystal clear and you could see little snails and shells in the water. Everyone was on hammocks rocking in the breeze just relaxing.

Local Bay Shell in the water

It was a wonderful day. We kept a head of the rain, got a little sunburnt and met some lovely people.


Going for a ride on the bike near Lien Sang
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Friday, 29 September 2023