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This blog is primarily used to showcase some of the community work we do in and around Nha Trang. Thanks to our staff and customers who help make this happen. We will also from time to time, post some of the great street food available in Nha Trang as well as a few off the tourist map places to go.

Pure Vietnam Beauty and Spa Charity for November 2015 at Than Son Pagoda


We were lucky enough to have some friends visiting from Australia so we decide to take them with us to Thanh Son Pagoda.

Truck Greating at the Pagoda

The Pagoda currently has 57 children and 27 old and homeless people. Mixed in with these people are some children with disabilities. The Pagoda is on the way to the airport and about 45 minutes out of Nha Trang City.

Peter with child

Fiona feeding Steve and Dung with Yogurt

We took nappies for the disabled children and also took lots of food.

Peter and Fiona really enjoyed meeting the wonderful people. The children are so friendly and happy. It is always interesting to see what the children are learning.

Peter meeting Fiona meeting

We were looking in the Pagoda and children come in and started chanting and using different instruments. It was great.

Dung praying children chanting

Peter and Steve Peter with drum

As always it is a humbling experience when people who have so little are so happy for a bit of your time.

children general

We would like to thank Peter and Fiona and Dung, who is staff at Pure Viet Nam Beauty and Spa, for coming with Steve and I.

Going for a ride to Ninh Van
Going for a ride to Ta Gu Falls


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